> My own private Alexandria

Happiness in slavery by Jean Paulhan (1954)
00:30:30 mp3 / Mispronounced French / ISBN 0345301110
KEYWORDS: History, Philosophy, Barbados, slave rebellion, Story of O, Pauline Reage, freedom, love letter, scared of freedom, freedom as necessity, decency, absolute decency.

About losing and being lost by Anna Freud (1953)
00:31:49 mp3 / Mispronounced German, English / No ISBN
KEYWORDS: Psychoanalysis, Winnicott, mistakes, losing as form of acknowledgement, transference, Freudian slips, getting lost in folklore.

The author as receiver by Kaja Silverman (2001)
00:46:29 mp3 / Mispronounced French, messed up English too / ISBN 026275245
KEYWORDS: Art, Jean Luc Godard, film, video, installation, love, passivity as activity, strength as sensitivity like an antenna, against Brecht, for a promise of the future through love and ruthless sensitivity of history.

Advice to the civilized about the coming social metamorphosis by Charles Fourier (1830)
00:12:08 mp3 / Mispronounced French, English / ISBN 0521356148
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, anti-philosophy, phalanx, food, build temporary buildings, difference between writing and idea, critics can go to hell, the coming future.

Notes on composing in film by Hollis Frampton (1976)
00:25:26 mp3 / Mispronounced French, English / October 1976
KEYWORDS: Art, film, language as structuration, T.S. Eliot, Samuel Beckett, music as ethic of film composing, syntax outside meaning.

Post Festum by Theodor Adorno (1964)
00:02:51 mp3 / Mispronounced English, German, Latin / ISSN 0028 6060
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, history, decay of erotic relationships, fear, after the "event," a guilty circle.

Obsolescence by Martha Rosler (2002)
00:16:38 mp3 / Mispronounced English / ISBN 0262752506
KEYWORDS: Art, technology, Karl Marx, mannequins, garage sales, the unbearable burden of the perpetually new, buyer’s remorse.

Soul power by Andrew Kopkind (1967)
00:28:35 mp3 / no problems except the war / ISBN 1859849024
KEYWORDS: History, the 60’s, history of new left, Black power, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rap Brown, SNCC, Shakespeare, riots, Democrats all useless.

Response to a request by Robert Walser (1903)
00:05:26 mp3 / No problems / ISBN 0940322986
KEYWORDS: Art, story, parataxis, loneliness, loveliness, knife in eyeball, theatricality,weeping, humility.

A truce for the creatures by Colette (1904)
00:04:16 mp3 / No problems / ISBN 0374131023
KEYWORDS: Art, story, life of animals during and after war, ducks, animals and their hope in us, flowers, the pecking order is wrong, tit, rabbits, almonds, petals, the bombs have stopped and life can go on.

A recommended instrument… by Henri Michaux (1949)
00:01:21 mp3 / Pretty good reading, a little stunted / ISBN 0520212290
KEYWORDS: Art, thunder, noise against kids, hating kids, hating school, the awful effects of memory.

The birth of art by Maurice Blanchot (1971)
00:27:05 mp3 / Mangled French / ISBN 0804727597
KEYWORDS: Art, history of art, caves, Lascaux, Georges Bataille, art as wonder, body as signature, myth of origins, fear of death, exigency of life.

The aesthetic revolution and its outcomes by Jacques Ranciere (2005)
00:55:57 mp3 / Mispronounced English, French, German / ISSN 00286060
KEYWORDS: Art + Politics, Aesthetic regime of art, that old dog Hegel, Lyotard, non-art, Melancholia.

From slices of knowledge by Henri Michaux (1954)
00:06:08 mp3 / One cough / ISBN:0520212290
KEYWORDS: Sharks, truth as impediment, hating kids, Clarity through hallucination.

The whole human race by Mark Twain (1907)
00:02:10 mp3 / book falling apart, damn / ISBN 0060802790
KEYWORDS: Historical critique, anti-philosophy, Americans as cowards, conformity, no more new ideas, Nietzsche.

Underlined sections from Orthodoxy by G K Chesterton (1908)
00:04:32 mp3 / No problemo / ISBN 0898705525
KEYWORDS: Theology, Love, topsy turvy, Christ, pessimists, Satan, gravity, love again.

Theologico historical fragment by Walter Benjamin (1939)
00:04:03 mp3 / Odd rhythm of reading, mispronounced Latin / ISBN 080520802X
KEYWORDS: History, messiah, nihilism, messianic time, just plain difficult.

The way of government by Lao Zi (600 B.C.)
00:12:21 mp3 / Katy reading, easily frustrated reading /
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, The way, governing men, waste, push and pull, affection.

The thing by Martin Heidegger (1950)
00:51:17 mp3 / Mispronounced German, French / ISBN 0060937289
KEYWORDS: Art, integrity of the thing, thinging, thingly, firmness, duration, time, integrity, self as thing, Greek urns, sculpture as thing and nothing, container, void.

The rest is silent by Chris Marker (1995)
00:14:14 mp3 / Mispronounced Russian, French, Brazilian, German, Japanese, Italian, probably English too / ISBN 1881390101
KEYWORDS: History of silent film, no such thing as silent film, shoot the piano player, fixing emotions, Benshi, love of Clara Bow, large faces, color as sex.

The ordeals of fire and water by Michael Maar (2000)
00:18:46 mp3 / Mispronounced French / ISSN 0028 6060
KEYWORDS: Art, Marcel Proust, Thomas Mann, reading, reading something twice, unknowingness.

The moral equivalent of war by William James (1906)
00:38:46 mp3 / no problem reading, only problem is with the war
TEXT ONLINE AT: http://www.des.emory.edu/mfp/moral.html
KEYWORDS: History, critique of war, war culture as discipline, need for boundaries, Pacifism must become militant in order to stop wars, what are we fighting for.

The ecstasy of philistinism by Malcolm Bull (1996)
01:02:39 mp3 / Mispronounced English, German, French / ISSN 00286060
KEYWORDS: Art, History of negation, Atheism, Nihilism, Marxism, Philistinism, Theodor Adorno, Friedrich Nietzsche, the siren’s song, the future of art as non-art.

The aesthetics of silence by Susan Sontag (1969)
01:14:56 mp3 / Mispronounced French, German / ISBN 0312420218
KEYWORDS: Art, silence as aesthetic form of spirituality, Samuel Beckett, Robbe-Grillet, sound is the chatter of immobility, what is at stake is a new form of void from which the new is possible.

Text for nothing #2 by Samuel Beckett (1967)
00:07:28 mp3 / Easy to read in your mind, but much harder out loud / ISBN 0802150624
KEYWORDS: Art, Light, shadow, Mother Calvert, going home (not that one).

Shell shock and Richard the third by MFK Fisher (1937)
00:10:15 mp3 / No problems except the war / ISBN 0764542613
KEYWORDS: Hunger, history of decadent cuisine, soup made from shoes, potted poodle meat, cuisine during wartime.

Reversible destinies questionnaire by Arakawa and Gins (1997)
01:14:56 mp3 / no problems except the war / ISBN 0810969025
KEYWORDS: Art, architecture, buildings as surround, we have decided not to die, against mortality, death as option, poetry of living life beyond life itself, are you radical enough?

Refugees of the new left by Andrew Kopkind (1973)
00:34:52 mp3 / No problems except the war / ISBN 1859849024
KEYWORDS: History, new left, Rennie Davis, Sally Kempton, New age spirituality as a form of resistance against hopelessness in the collapse and defeat of the new left, religious and cultist organizing, politics as extinct language.

On Being Bored By Adam Phillips (1998)
00:27:56 mp3 / Not hard but not easy / ISBN 0674634632
KEYWORDS: Psychoanalysis, children, boredom as a state of potentiality, John Berryman, boredom as growth, empty time, desire to desire, fear.

Nonknowledge by Georges Bataille (1958)
00:31:10 mp3 / Mispronounced English, lose train of thought and speech in the middle / ISBN 0816635048
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, anti-philosophy, systematic anything is inadequate, chatter of knowledge becomes balm that pacifies, illumination without gain.

New York Times obituaries by Franco Moretti (2000)
00:10:53 mp3 / No problem, some chuckling / ISSN 0028 6060
KEYWORDS: Cultural criticism, daily sense of history, New York Times as the most overrated newspaper on Earth, truth of our age in obituaries, institutions as sole grantor or legitimacy, progress as ideology.

Making it old by Adam Phillips (2003)
00:07:00 mp3 / Not hard but not easy / ISBN 0465056806
KEYWORDS: Psychoanalysis, History as memory, path of remembrance is paved with bad intentions.

Lust for loss by Lynne Tillman (2002)
00:19:43 mp3 / No problem reading / ISBN 1891024469
KEYWORDS: Art, story, Madame Realism, World War II, Omaha, Normandy, strangers, getting lost, get lost, routine as a kind of death, what we owe to the dead, a sea of crosses

Letter to Constance Webb by C.L.R. James (1944)
00:05:07 mp3 / No problem except the war / ISBN 0631184953
KEYWORDS: Love letter, history, revolution and modern poetry, Hume to Marx, Constance Webb, T.S. Eliot, How to woo a woman using Trotsky, love from very very far.

Kissing by Voltaire (1764)
00:10:58 mp3 / Mispronounced French, Latin /ISBN 0140150412
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, “scholarly” treatise on kissing, too much kissing in theater, muscle of mouth lead directly to you know where, using mouth/kiss in other places/parts, stimulating.

What is a myth by Karen Armstrong (2005)
00:14:47 mp3 / No problem except the war / ISBN 184195716X
KEYWORDS: History, myth as another form of knowledge, myth is not reason.

In praise of a topsy turvy lifestyle by Karl Kraus (1908)
00:08:42 mp3 / No problem except the war / ISBN 0226452662
KEYWORDS: Cultural criticism, never get up before noon, all the world’s stupidities happen before noon, newspapers are not worth toilet paper, Vienna, war, work at night, sleep in day.

How to pray for peace by M.F.K. Fisher (1942)
00:05:41 mp3 / Mispronounced French / ISBN 0865473366
KEYWORDS: Eating, potato, war, potato soup recipe, peace, forgotten pangs of hunger during peace.

Gastro-porn by Alexander Cockburn (1977)
00:30:19 mp3 / Uncontrollable laughter, mispronounced French, German, English / ISBN 0860911764
KEYWORDS: History, cookbooks as pornography, Brillat-Savarin is a long-winded bore, South of France, cuisine and imperialism, cold fish and mayonnaise.

Friendship by Maurice Blanchot (1971)
00:12:32 mp3 / Mispronounced French, English / ISBN 0804727597
KEYWORDS: Elegy, Georges Bataille, Philosophy, recrits, oblivion, friends through distance and separation, exigency without regard, we don’t remember, I don’t know that this is.

Caliban's Masque: a history of wild men in Colonial America by Peter Lamborn Wilson (1995)
00:49:54 mp3 / Mispronounced English / ISBN 0936756926
KEYWORDS: History, Colonial American cults and drop out culture, Roanoke, Ann Hutchinson, masons, Puritans those bastards, Cromwell, Indians, tri-racial groups, Quakers, Leveler, Diggers, Rhode Island, Maypole.

Adorno without quotation by Robert Hullot-Kentor (2004)
00:25:14 mp3 / Mispronounced French, German, English / ISBN 0873658469
KEYWORDS: History, Philosophy, September 11, Sam Beckett, Dialectic of Enlightenment, Rolf Tiedemann, escape.

Abide by inaction by Lao Zi (600 B.C.)
00:04:50 mp3 / No problems / ISBN
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, advice to the perpetual motion machines called human beings.

Imaginative excesses by Theodor Adorno (1964)
00:08:40 mp3 / Mispronounced French, German / ISSN 0028 6060
KEYWORDS: Philosophy, plea, the need to work with and in extremes, intellectuals and workers, the time is passing, Minima Moralia.

Trousers by Robert Walser (1911)
00:06:40 mp3 / No problems, except of course we are still in a war / ISBN 0940322986
KEYWORDS: Art, story, history of pants, hatred of knickerbockers, women, gentle longing for death.