> Baghdad In No Particular Order

November 16, 2002


Recently the Times of London reported that Saddam Hussein held a referendum asking Iraqis if they agreed that he should remain President. During the campaign blitz, Whitney Houston's song "I Will Always Love You" was chosen as the campaign theme tune. The song accompanied the dawn-to-dusk election broadcasts on the three state-controlled television stations.

As a fan of Whitney Houston I wondered why Saddam picked that song. It's a beautiful song, yes. But it's in English. And if that didn't matter, why not the original Dolly Parton version?

Then finally I found it. Saddam isn't playing the Whitney Houston version; He's playing an arabic version of the song sung by a Syrian pop star named Mayyada Bselees. So here it is: the Arabic MP3 version of "I Will Always Love You", the official campaign song for Saddam Hussein and the Baath Party of Iraq.