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How we do what we do
November 2006 - December 2007
in no particular order and not complete:

  1. Main archive site

  2. (Re)public map of New Orleans

  3. Drawings in between productions

  4. Initial drawing of Lower Ninth production site

  5. Program notes for Godot inspired sermon at New Israel Baptist Church in the Lower Ninth Ward

  6. Keywords one month after the project

  7. Streets map of drops and places

  8. Organizing map in August

  9. Artist statement

  10. Waiting for Godot Casebook for teachers in NOLA

  11. Syllabus of "Contemporary art seminar" at the University of New Orleans

  12. Syllabus of "Art Practicum" at Xavier University

  13. Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

  14. A conversation with New Orleanian artist Willie Birch

  15. Official demolition notice from the City of New Orleans

  16. Streets signs for Godot

  17. Street layout for the Lower ninth ward production site

  18. Almost everybody we worked with

  19. Workshop and lecture schedule

  20. What people are waiting for in the neighorhood of Gentilly

  21. A conversation with emerging artists in New Orleans

  22. An artist roundtable at the community book center