Bitcoin (BTC) Struggles To Maintain $25K: Ankr (ANKR) and Orbeon (ORBN) Rise


• Bitcoin (BTC) is struggling to maintain its momentum at the $25,000 price point.
• Ankr (ANKR) is an innovative Web3 infrastructure platform that has announced a partnership with Microsoft.
• Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) continues to pump during its ongoing presale.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most well-known and valuable cryptocurrency, has been struggling to maintain its momentum at the $25,000 price point in recent times. Despite its turbulent periods of price fluctuations, Bitcoin (BTC) remains one of the most powerful forces in the blockchain revolution due to its pioneering decentralized digital currency system.

Ankr (ANKR)

Ankr (ANKR) is an innovative and cutting-edge web3 infrastructure platform that offers developers a plethora of powerful tools and resources to create decentralized applications (dApps). The Ankr (ANKR) suite of development tools includes an array of decentralized services that can be used for a wide range of applications such as DeFi, gaming, eCommerce and more — making Ankr (ANKR) one of the most comprehensive Web3 infrastructure platforms currently available. In addition, Ankr recently announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft to offer node hosting services to any project that needs seamless access to blockchain data. The current price for ANKR tokens is $0.3513.

Orbeon Protocol

The Orbeon Protocol’s ongoing presale continues to pump with a new price for tokens at $0.0835 during phase 9. The protocol was designed by blockchain veterans who understand how important it is for projects under their helm to succeed — both technologically and financially — so they have designed Orbeon Protocol with scalability in mind while leveraging on existing Ethereum technologies such as ERC20 tokens and smart contracts. This ensures that projects built on top of Orbeon Protocol are able to scale quickly without sacrificing security or speed — something which many other blockchains cannot boast about currently.


In conclusion, Bitcoin’s struggles have allowed newer projects like Ankr and Orbeon Protocol rise up into prominence in the blockchain space due their innovative solutions which provide users with reliable access to blockchain technology while ensuring scalability and security for their projects without sacrificing speed or security — something which no other networks can offer right now


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